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book_mouse's Journal

104 Books in 2005
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The Story of book_mouse

sunsetmog made a New Year's Resolution at the beginning of January 2005 - to read 104 books in the year, an average of two a week. And jenish, being a bookwormmouse (she's a fieldmouse, but that's another tail story) decided to nick the idea. And being a randomly organised sort of a mouse, she decided to have a community where she could keep track of her list, talk about the books, and encourage discussion.

And then she thought - well, why not have other people, not necessarily even people with any clear goals or lists but who just love books, join too. And then much discussion of books would abound, people could compare lists, swap recommendations, and generally have a huge online Book Group type thing, with virtual chocolate and wine and comfy sofas.

Membership is by approval, which will be pretty much a given if you're on jenish's f-list. And if you're not, and really want to join, email her at _jamjar[at]livejournal[dot]com (preferably with a subject line including the word book_mouse, so she doesn't think it's spam) and she'll probably approve you :) (she's nice like that. Sometimes)

The only House Rules are: play nicely, no serious squabbling, NO FLAMING WHATSOEVER, enjoy each other's company and the books and characters. And all spoilers behind cut-tags, if possible with the chapter number it's a spoiler up to.

Note: The website is hosted by shirasade on Just In Dreams.